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Kingdom Rec is the newest addition to the Kingdom Retailers LLC family of brands! Kingdom Retailers brands have the highest standard for dedicated customer service, quality product offerings, and integrity in all things.



You’ll always get someone from our team in Springfield, MO on the other end to answer your questions and help you with your order. Our team is available through phone, email, and the website chat to help you.


We have a high standard for quality around here. We are selective and only offer our customers the highest-quality products available from widely-respected brands.


All customer service is from our in-house staff. Because of this, we are able to train our team so you know the person you’re speaking with knows the products, brands, and purchasing process on a level you’re just not going to get from big box stores.


Though Kingdom Rec is the newest addition to the Kingdom Retailers family, we are governed by the Kingdom Retailers high standard of service and integrity. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t tolerate anything less than an amazing customer experience.

Growing up, we were always outside. Playing on playgrounds, climbing trees, hiking, camping, riding bikes—you name it! I loved being outside with my siblings and friends, and it saddens me to see that happening less and less these days.

With the growing trend of people remaining inside, often spending more time with screens than with God’s creation, I wanted to be a part of encouraging folks to enjoy recreation, especially with friends and family.

– Sam Nichols | Owner, Kingdom Retailers LLC

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Phone: (417) 413-3020
Email: info@kingdomrec.com


Mon – Fri: 10a – 6p CST
Sat – Sun: Closed


405 N Jefferson Ave
Springfield, MO 65806