Become a Vendor

At Kingdom Rec, we have close relationships with our vendors. Our standards when dealing with vendors come from the same sense of integrity that our customers see and experience when buying products from us. We believe in honesty, thorough communication (even when delivering difficult news), compassion, respect, and commitment.

We are currently open to inquiries from vendors who would like to work with us. We highly value transparency, so please review the info below to make sure your product offerings, business model, and any other necessaries are in line with ours before sending your inquiry.

Industries of Interest


  • Coolers
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags/Pads
  • Backpacks


  • Rods & Reels
  • Lures & Jigs


  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing

Snow Sports

  • Snowboarding
  • Snow Skiing
  • Snow Shoes
  • Winter Hiking/Trekking
  • Snowmobile Equipment
  • Apparel & Accessories


  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • E-Bikes
  • Car Roof Mount Carriers
  • Trailer Hitch Carriers
  • Trunk/Hatch Mount Carriers
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Hydration

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse


The industries listed here are by no means exhaustive. If you offer a product line that you believe would be a good fit for the types of products we sell, we are open to branching out into other industries/markets.

Inventory and Ordering
  • Vendors must update inventory at a minimum of once per day (preferably more often) to help ensure our product offering is accurate.
  • FTP/EDI capabilities are preferred to limit ordering/inventory errors
Shipping and Returns


  • While we respect the brick-and-mortar business model, we are an online-only retailer, as are all Kingdom Retailers LLC brands. This model has been extremely successful for us, and our vendors have greatly benefitted from our high standard of service & sales, as well as our expertise in digital marketing to drive product sales.
  • We strongly prefer to work with vendors who are able to package and ship products directly to the consumer within 2-3 business days (not including transit time). For products which ship LTL, we prefer a processing time of no more than 3 weeks.
  • We only work with vendors whose staff and warehouses are located in the USA. This is not to say that we only work with vendors whose products are “made in the USA,” but we do require that customer service staff and/or account managers, as well as ship-from warehouses, are located in the USA.


  • For returns, we believe customers should be able to return products within 30 days. If your return policy is not 30 days or longer, please do not inquire to become a vendor.
  • While we do not charge customers restocking/return fees, we understand return/restocking fees may apply to us from our vendors for undamaged/non-defective returns.


  • We expect our vendors to promptly ship replacements of damaged/defective products to our customers, and we always require customers to send proof in writing and with images regarding damages/issues with products.

After reviewing the above, if you are interested in becoming a vendor, please reach out to us using the contact info below:


Phone: (417) 413-3020